Telemetry HeadsetsMy good friend Nathan and I jetted down to sunny Adelaide this past weekend to spruike our wares and participate in the fantastic arts development residency that is Adhocracy. Held at (and run by) the Vitalstatistix Theatre Company, Adhocracy is a ‘national artist hothouse’, which supportsĀ the creative development of new experimental and interdisciplinary arts projects.

Telemetry, put together by Nathan and I conceptually in the months leading up to Adhocracy, was one such project.

Those fancy-looking headsets on the right are one half of the Telemetry hardware. The other half is a front-facing, chest-mounted camera, streaming live video to screens in the visors. The catch is that you can only see from theĀ other participant’s viewpoint, meaning that accurate and efficient communication is required between the two of you to achieve even the simplest of tasks.

Over the course of the weekend residency, Nathan and I explored a few different ways of making Telemetry performable – we were looking at using it as the basis of a long-term installation, and as a short, 30-minute show involving the two of us working to achieve a particular goal. Where we found the device to really shine, though, was as an interactive piece, with participants using it in pairs and going through the initial moment of realisation of how it works. It is very different to have the devices explained to you, and wearing them for the first time is the most interesting moment in the discovery and process of using them.

Apart from working on our own stuff, we spent the weekend seeing a bunch of other works-in-progress – all of which were forward-thinking and brilliant – and meeting and talking with some of the awesome people involved with each of the projects.

10/10. I’d go to Adelaide again.