The Australian National Busking Championships

On the 31st of October, Brodie, Quinton and I drove down to Cooma, where Brodie spent most of his childhood, to participate in the Australian National Busking Championships, a competition run by Allan Spencer, a Cooma local and mover-and-shaker. We played a gig at one of the pubs that night, and the following day got down to busking around town. We played to a very receptive and appreciative audience outside of a few of the cafes in town, on the street. We had a fantastic, very busy day, and got to spend time with some really great people, and that evening walked away with third place in the championships, and second place in the people’s choice award!

Following a couple of great days in Cooma, we headed on up the road a ways to Canberra, where some lovely friends of ours had helped us line up a couple of gigs. The first was a house concert put on by the Canberra Musicians Club, with a lovely atmosphere and vibe – we played music late into the night with our fantastic hosts and new found friends.

The night after that we spent playing at The Phoenix, a bar in Civic that I had wanted to go to for a long time, but had been closed when I had visited Canberra earlier this year due to a fire. But the Phoenix has since risen from the ashes, and while only half of the full pub is now re-opened, it is such an amazing venue, and all of us can’t wait to play there again in the near future!